Out of School Care

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School provides a range of care options for parents with children attending the School. Please visit the relevant pages for full details or to register your child for the respective program.

  • Before and After School Care is provided on our School grounds for students attending the School. Before and After School Care is available for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.
  • Vacation Care is available during Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 holiday periods. Families from the area are welcome to register their child to attend this program. Children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are welcome to attend. Opening hours are 7.00am to 6.00pm.

For Secondary students, tutorials are provided by a range of staff, usually after School. There are also a variety of clubs that students can nominate to participate in.

Students are welcome to study after School in the Lishman Library. For those who require an earlier start or later finish, the Boarding Stopover and Sleepover options are available. 

Boarding Stopover and Sleepovers 

A Boarding Stopover provides students with the opportunity to join Boarding at the end of the School day. Students are then transported to the required co- or extra-curricular activity. If students need to be at School for an early start or games finish late, the sleepover option provides them with a bed in Boarding and supervision and catering for the time of stay. To book a Stopover or Sleepover, please complete the online form, at least 24 hours prior to the required stay. 

Short Term Boarding

Short Term Boarding is an option available for parents who may be required to travel and would like to ensure their child has easy access to School and sport or other commitments. Students from Year 7 to 12 are welcome to join for a minimum of two weeks. They will be placed in a unit and will have access to all the facilities and support provided to all Boarding students. If you are interested in having your child join our Boarding Community please contact our Enrolment Office to discuss availability.


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