Parents and Friends

The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) invites all parents to participate in and contribute to a host of School-related activities. The P&F Statement of Purpose is:

  1. To promote the School as an organisation for its continued work with educating our children. We will do this by supporting any aspects of the Marketing team and School Executive that promote the value of education at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.
  2. To promote the sense of community within the School. We will do this by supporting and organising, as appropriate, functions and other events that facilitate the coming together of the School community – parents, extended family, children, staff – to enjoy each other’s company, share ideas and work together for the betterment of the School.
  3. To assist the students within the School community to achieve their goals and grow as a whole person to be all that they can be.

We will run a number of fundraising activities throughout the year, which will have direct impact on a project within the School. The committee is made up of parents from both Primary and Secondary, and meetings are open to all parents. The P&F is a wonderful forum to make new friends, while at the same time, making a valuable contribution to the School Community.

We invite all families, new and current, to join us at our meetings during the Term. If you know a local business that would be interested in supporting us in our fundraising efforts, please reach out to the P&F President via email. For more detailed information about the P&F committee and events to get involved in, please visit this page.


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