Our mission is to provide excellence in all-round education within a unique environment by promoting best practice in pastoral, academic and co-curricular programs; creating a caring, stimulating, structured and Christian setting; and encouraging students to use all their gifts to flourish and achieve their potential.

Our focus is on educating the whole child. The Wellbeing of our students is integral to allowing us to achieve our mission. We provide them with a welcoming and safe community, where all are respectful of self and others; and strive for excellence in learning. We have been at the forefront of the application of positive psychology and Positive Education is embedded in the culture of our School.

Our Model of Wellbeing is adapted from the Positive Psychology Model developed by Martin Seligman. We use the acronym PERMAH- placing value on Positive emotions, Engaging with schooling, developing good Relationships, finding Meaning and the satisfaction of Attainment alongside the development of good Health. We work from a strengths approach, with a focus on Character Strengths to support student Wellbeing. From Kindergarten to Year 12, our students are encouraged to identify and use their personal strengths and to understand and develop their own Character Strengths.

This model is visible through the importance we place on offering students a diverse range of activities and challenges. Our broad range of co-curricular options, extensive camps, community service program, leadership and mentoring programs alongside our academic offering ensures students have the opportunity to be challenged and engaged. We work with our students to help them set goals that are aspirational and provide them with the opportunity to exercise their strengths and develop their gifts.

Exceptional Care

The development of strong relationships is the key to our care. Dedicated staff are committed to providing students with a safe environment that is supportive of each individual’s needs and talents. Every student is part of a House, which is the key component of our care model.

In Primary, the House provides students with the strong sense of belonging and connection across year groups. The Class teacher is the central provider of care and nurtures the Wellbeing of each student. Smaller class sizes along with excellent facilities, enable teachers to ensure each child receives the support they need to develop and grow.

This care continues in our dedicated Year 7 Transition program, where the Wellbeing of students is monitored by a House Teacher. As they progress through to Year 8, they join a vertical Home Group. A Home Group consists of between 16 to 18 students from Years 8 to 12. This group completes their journey through Secondary School together enabling the staff to get to know and understand each individual student and students in each Home Group forming strong connections across peer years. These groups become a bit like a family, and provide a forum for goal setting, mentoring and celebrating.

Each House is led by a Head of House and Associate Head of House. Along with the Home Group teacher, these staff provide continuity of care for students and a central point of contact for parents.

Supportive Services

Staff are supported by the Deputy Head Wellbeing in Primary and Secondary, who are there to assist in the provision of guidance and support for each student.

Our students also have access to qualified School Psychologists, who provide an extension of the care provided by the House system. Our Psychologists offer counselling in a confidential setting and appointments can be arranged through Class teachers, House staff, direct parent contact or student self-referral. The School Chaplain is also available to provide guidance to students and their families. Our School Nurse offers medical care and associated support ensuring our students have access to variety of expertise to help them on their journey. Read more about our policies and procedures on dealing with bullying in the A Place For Everyone brochure.

Our goal is to see our students flourish. We plan for them to succeed. We stay informed of the latest education and psychological research and we draw on the expertise and experience of successful schools, alongside our own history of innovation and excellence, to guide our student to be all that they can be.


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