Academic Outreach Program

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School offers an Academic Outreach Program to regional students in Year 5 or Year 6 who would benefit from additional numeracy and literacy support to prepare them to join the School in Year 7.

The Academic Outreach Program provides:

  • Development of an individual learning plan with ongoing support from the Outreach Program Co-ordinator.
  • Access to the online learning tool ‘Education Perfect’.
  • Weekly contact with the family via email/skype/telephone.
  • The opportunity to participate in a residential experience at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.

Parents can nominate to have their child join the program. The School will also contact families who have indicated on their Application for Enrolment that their child may benefit from academic support such as that available through the Outreach program.

Students in Year 5 are able to register to join the program throughout that year. Students who commence in Year 6 should registered to join the program in Term 1 of that year, in order to ensure they receive the greatest from the program. Applications after this time will be considered on an individual basis.

Program Fee

The total cost for the two year program is $2,000 paid in two separate $1,000 installments at the commencement of each year. Parents who register for the two year program are committing to have their child involved in the program over this time. The program is developed to provide the greatest benefit when delivered over two years, however students are able to nominate to join the program at the commencement of Year 6. The program fee would be reduced to $1,000.

Families with a child participating in the two year program and who subsequently enrol their child to commence at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in Year 7, will be eligible to have $1,000 of the second terms tuition fee reimbursed. This is pro-rata for those who join the program in Year 6 and enrol to attend in Year 7 (ie $500 of their Term 2 Tuition fee will be reimbursed). The child MUST attend from the commencement of Year 7 to receive this benefit.

If you would like to nominate your child to participate in this program or would like additional information about how the program would assist your child please complete the online registration form.  Alternatively, please contact our Enrolment Office via email or telephone (08) 9722 6004 for more information.


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