Academic Talent Development

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, our model of learning and culture of care supports the transformation of natural abilities into developed skills. We appreciate that highly able students require a specific set of academic and social circumstances in order for their gifts to become talents and, as such, model our gifted education on a Talent Development Model.  This model allows for a diverse selection criteria that does not solely rely on normative, formal testing and provides an opportunity for us to consider school grades and teacher recommendations as a part of the identification process.


Our Primary School offers a wide variety of extension opportunities for gifted students. Starting in the classroom, our teachers are skilled in designing targeted learning programs which aim to develop the unique capabilities of each child. Teachers work in consultation with the Deputy Head of Primary- Teaching and Learning to develop rigorous educational programs, which may include ability groupings, extension lessons in given subject areas and modified class programs.

Weekly Honours lessons occur during class time, with groups of students selected, based on achievement and potential, to take part in differentiated instruction in the learning areas of English and Mathematics. These lessons provide the students with the opportunity to explore content and concepts beyond their grade level, and to discuss their ideas and thoughts with like-minded peers.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a number of clubs throughout the year including Robotics, Art and Chess Club. In addition to these clubs, students can participate in the many competitions on offer. Tournament of the Minds, Have Sum Fun Maths and the da Vinci Decathlon are just a few examples of the many opportunities available to your child at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.


Our Secondary School provides an educational setting with very high academic standards and many classes are organised in ability groupings. We recognise that students are gifted in different domains and our classes are organised accordingly. Students mix with other highly able students in each subject area rather than being in the same class for all compulsory subjects.

Students will be invited to be part of the Secondary Academic Talent Development Program based on their academic performance and teacher recommendations. Students who are awarded academic scholarships are automatically invited, and students, once identified, will remain in the program throughout their secondary schooling. Our pastoral care program is second to none and students that are accepted into the Academic Talent Development program have the support of their home group teachers as well as our tertiary trained gifted education specialist.

Students in the Academic Talent Development program are invited to participate in competitions such as The Philosothon, Ethics Olympiad, Maths Olympiad and many more. As well as our extensive competition program students are also given opportunities to participate in a specific excursion program which includes visits to the theatre and sites of particular cultural interest.

Participation in both the Primary Honours Program and Secondary Academic Talent Development Program attract no additional charge. Parents will also receive invitations throughout the year to participate in workshops that will provide information on the traits of the highly able student and an opportunity to network with other parents.


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