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Short Term Boarding: A home away from home for FIFO children

The initial adjustment of a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) career can be challenging not just for you but for your children too. Our school understands the frequent travel of one or both FIFO parents can make establishing a regular routine difficult and when juggling the needs of several school-aged children, this can be a much bigger challenge.

If you are considering sending your child to the “home away from home” that is a co-ed boarding school, it is important to understand some of the benefits, challenges and opportunities that await you and your children.

The challenges of a Boarding School WA for FIFO families

The adjustment of a daily routine is different for each and every child. Some simply need time and space and will thrive soon after making the transition. Others require some more support and attention to become use to the structure of their day and the nature of residing at a boarding school.

The teaching and support staff at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School will support students establish a routine and are trained and experienced in helping students through this transition at their own pace, this what we do best. By focusing on the individual needs of the child, we can slowly but surely ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

Listen to the testimonials of our community to discover the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School difference.

FIFO Boarding: How boarding school can help

Enrolling a child in a boarding school is a big decision and one that often requires a ton of deliberation. Whether it is concerns that the child will be homesick or a general feeling of  ‘missing out’ , there are legitimate reasons to feel a bit apprehensive.

FIFO Boarding at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School can offer support and guidance to help students thrive, learn, and grow. Knowing that your child is in an environment that is conducive to your work-life situation can provide reassurance, stability, and peace of mind.

Boarding students can benefit from convenient access to academic support, including after-school tutoring and nightly prep provided by our dedicated staff within the boarding house.

Working FIFO? Contact Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School – a leading co-ed boarding school in WA!

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School we don’t just believe that every person deserves every opportunity, we work to make it happen!

With a stellar reputation for providing students with a high-quality academic education and well-rounded experience, we are more than happy to meet you and discuss the great opportunities that boarding school can offer you and your child.

To find out more about how our enrolment, boarding school and general approach to living and learning works, contact us today.


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