Gelorup Anglican Parish

The Gelorup Anglican Parish began as an offshoot of the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School community. Over the years connections have been made between the School and Sunday morning worship. Services have been held in the “shed” on the hill and in a modified classroom.

In 2001, with the completion of the beautiful, rammed earth School Chapel of St Francis and St Clare, the Church entered a new phase in its life as it began to share this magnificent facility as a place of worship with the School.

We are a family-oriented church with congregation members from Gelorup, Dalyellup, Stratham and Capel. Many of us have been involved in education at local schools, or in healthcare fields in the nearby medical practices, local hospitals or nursing homes. Our age range is wide, and we have a many families with children in our midst.  We consider ourselves friendly and open, and we are very willing to be active participants in preparing and conducting our services in accordance with the model of “gift-based” ministry. The flavour of our services is “progressively Anglican” though traditional in style.


Sunday Services: 9:30am.

Christmas Services at the Chapel of St Francis, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School:

Additional Services:

  • Pastoral Counselling
  •    Visiting the sick and isolated
  •   Children and Youth Ministry
  • Prayer Group: Bible studies
  •   “Cursillo” 4th Day Support Groups

Please click in the links for more information or contact the Priest in Charge on (08) 9722 6130 or via email for more details.


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