Year 7 Boarders

Providing a smooth transition

The School recognises that for many of our youngest Boarders, this will be their first time in experiencing a prolonged period away from their family and friends. Since 2007, we have been providing a dedicated Year 7 Transition Program, to assist our youngest students adjust to a new School and a new home.

A dedicated Residential Year Group Co-ordinator works closely with this year group, providing a key point of contact for students and parents. They are regularly in contact with teaching staff, to provide support and guidance to students as they adapt to their new routines.

Year 7 students are housed in dedicated units, situated closest to the School and main Boarding amenities. A Senior Boarding student is allocated as the mentor for their unit, helping younger students to familiarise themselves with their new routines and responsibilities that living in Boarding require.  Evening study, or Prep, is conducted at an earlier time for Year 7 students and they also have an earlier bedtime, with restricted access to the internet and electronic devices.

Friendships are one of the most important factors in enjoying the Boarding experience. We provide opportunities for students to establish year level friendships as well as enjoying multi-age activities with all Boarders to help establish long-lasting friendships.

“Boarding is so much fun with the beach bus, trips to Adventure World and other fun places. I love going to the gym every Friday night and playing foosball, pool and ping pong in the Common Room. My other favourite thing in Boarding is the food.” Sienna Guidi, 2022 Graduate


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