Year 7 Boarders

Year 7 Boarding at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School – A Home away from Home

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, our Year 7 Boarding program is a gateway to an exceptional educational journey, immersed in a supportive and inclusive community. Our modern boarding facilities, set amid the stunning school grounds, offer more than just a place to stay – they provide the foundation for lifelong friendships. As one of three co-ed boarding schools in Western Australia, we offer a unique opportunity for families to educate their children within the same institution, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity.

Year 7 – Providing a smooth transition into Secondary School

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School understands that boarding in Year 7 is a significant beginning. It is often the first time students experience an extended separation from family and friends, and we deeply appreciate the importance of this milestone. With over 50 years of experience in co-educational boarding in Western Australia, we have been a comforting family for our students.

Since 2007, our dedicated Year 7 Transition Program has been a beacon, guiding our Year 7 boarders as they adjust to their new school and second home. This meticulously crafted program ensures a seamless transition into the next academic phase, instilling confidence, adaptability, and the foundation for success as students embrace secondary education.

Year 7 Boarding Facilities – Creating A Home Away From Home

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, our commitment to providing a nurturing environment extends to our unique facilities. With over 50 years of experience in co-ed Boarding Schooling, we have perfected our approach to make each student’s experience truly exceptional.

Our cottage-style boarding units are a hallmark of our unique style of accommodation. They offer a warm and inviting atmosphere where students feel at home. Shared kitchen, laundry, and bathroom facilities ensure convenience, while the units can accommodate up to eight boarding students of the same gender. This mix of students from different year groups fosters a family-like atmosphere, enhancing the sense of belonging and community. Younger students share bedrooms, while older students enjoy the privacy of their own rooms, allowing for personalisation and individuality.

Each student has the opportunity to make their room their own, adding personal touches like photographs, artwork, lights, and colourful bed covers, creating a unique and comfortable living space. Our facilities not only provide comfort but also promote a sense of belonging and individuality, making Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School an exceptional place for boarding students to thrive.

Dedicated Staff

All of our staff who work in our Boarding School are committed to providing a welcoming, caring and supportive Boarding School experience. A dedicated Residential Year Group Co-ordinator works closely with each year group, providing a key point of contact for students and parents. They are regularly in contact with teaching staff, to provide support and guidance to students as they adapt to their new routines.

Living and learning together

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, Year 7 boarding students enjoy a vibrant, welcoming community. Students are housed in dedicated units, conveniently situated near the Secondary School and the heart of the Boarding School’s amenities. What makes it even more special? Every unit has a Senior Boarding student acting as a mentor, making sure younger students feel right at home and are ready for the unique rhythms of boarding life.

As the evening sets in and it is time for study, or Prep, our Year 7 boarders dive into their books a little earlier. They also enjoy an earlier bedtime, complemented by a gentle pause on the internet and electronic devices. These measures are just a small part of our warm and supportive atmosphere, carefully crafted to ensure that each student’s boarding journey is filled with cherished memories and meaningful moments.

Building Friendships for life

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, we recognise that friendships are the bedrock of a fulfilling Boarding School experience in Western Australia. Our approach centers on creating opportunities for students to forge connections both within their own year group and beyond, through a tapestry of multi-age activities that set the stage for lasting, meaningful friendships.

As 2023 Head Boarder Sienna Guidi puts it, “Boarding is so much fun with the beach bus, trips to Adventure World and other fun places. I love going to the gym every Friday night and playing foosball, pool and ping pong in the Common Room. My other favourite thing in Boarding is the food.”

These words mirror the variety of experiences and shared moments that shape friendship bonds, precious memories, and the welcoming atmosphere at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. They offer just a glimpse into the array of amenities and moments that together make boarding life at BCGS so unforgettable.

Year 7 Boarding School – Apply Today

Year 7 is a significant milestone at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, and we encourage early applications. Join us as we kickstart your child’s educational adventure at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School with Year 7 Boarding. Secure your child’s spot in our close-knit community, where they’ll discover unwavering support, lasting friendships, and a roadmap to educational excellence.


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