Anglican Tradition

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School continues to be informed by the Christian faith of the founders who established the School in 1972. The School’s Anglican heritage begins with Bishop Ralph Hawkins’ presentation to the Bunbury Anglican Synod in 1964.

Since then, all Bishops of St Boniface Cathedral Bunbury have been The Visitor to the School. This is why we have ‘Cathedral’ as part of our School name. You can find out more about St Boniface Cathedral from their website.

Bishop Ralph’s intention was to ensure that future generations could receive a sound education grounded in Christian faith and ethics. Since its official commencement on 8 February 1972, the School has continued to work on the mixture between faith and learning by following the Anglican principle of honouring Scripture, Tradition and Reason.


The School promotes the understanding of the Old and New Testaments in the Christian faith. All students are exposed to the life and teachings of Jesus, and Secondary students are taught the various ways scripture can be read and interpreted.


Our students regularly attend Eucharist service according to the rites of the Anglican Church, learn about the Church’s history, other faith traditions and how to conduct themselves in places of worship. The Chaplain is at the centre of the spiritual life of the School and is available for counselling, spiritual direction and sacramental ministry. Students are invited to be Baptised or receive First Communion as part of a School service each year. For more information and to have your child participate, please visit the information and registration page.


The big questions of faith and life are discussed honestly and openly with an emphasis on careful and respectful discussion. Students are encouraged to think philosophically through their life questions and develop their own thoughtful system of values.

The aim is to develop young people who have a considered and compassionate outlook on life.

Anglican Ethos

As an Anglican School, we aim to:

  • Nurture spiritual growth,
  • Provide a dynamic education while maintaining continuity with the past,
  • Value a spirit of inquiry and intellectual endeavour,
  • Support the development of the whole person with a balanced education,
  • Promote a safe, disciplined, caring learning community,
  • Aspire to be inclusive and open, responding to diverse needs and abilities,
  • Affirm the dignity and worth of all people, and
  • Promote social, ethical, civic and environmental responsibility.

Chapel of St Clare and St Francis

The Chapel of St Clare and St Francis is attended by all students and staff for School services. The Chapel is also home to the Gelorup Anglican Parish, who hold regular Sunday services, open to all in the community. For details on weekend services please view their website.

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