A WA boarding school that truly feels like home

There is no doubt that boarding students and boarding staff alike love boarding at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.

Amongst the magnificent school grounds, and modern boarding facilities, students can develop lifelong friendships and become part of our special boarding community. As one of only three co-ed boarding schools in Western Australia, families cherish the opportunity to educate their sons and daughters at the same school.

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FIFO Boarding options at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

We appreciate that every family’s journey is unique and filled with different considerations when it comes to choosing a boarding school for your child. To better support and cater to these individual needs, we are delighted to present a range of flexible boarding options. These options are thoughtfully designed to address the demands of work, student commitments, and travel, providing families with the tools they need to create a balanced and successful educational journey.

Short Term Boarding

Whether it is travel plans or a desire to introduce your child to the boarding lifestyle, our school offers an excellent short term boarding option. Families can take advantage of this opportunity to experience the benefits of boarding firsthand. For comprehensive information about our short term boarding program, please visit our Short Term Boarding page.

FIFO Boarding

Our school understands the challenges faced by families in the Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) community. We have a number of students whose parents are part of this community, and we offer a supportive solution through our boarding program. Boarding students can benefit from convenient access to academic support, including after-school tutoring and nightly prep provided by our dedicated staff within the boarding house. Learn more about our FIFO Boarding options.

Overnight Boarding: Stopovers and Sleepovers

With many of our students attending the School from outside the immediate Bunbury area, we offer students the opportunity to stay in our Boarding house for one or two nights; or just the afternoon. They can book the Boarding Bus to be transported to after School commitments and will be provided with a room and meals as part of the overnight stay. To book an afternoon or overnight stay, please visit the Stopovers and Sleepovers page.

International Students

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, we take great pride in our inclusive and welcoming community. We understand that the experience of staying at our School as an international boarding student is an enriching and transformative journey. That is why we are registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), opening our doors to students from various countries and diverse cultures.

For international students seeking complete information about the incredible opportunities that await them at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, please visit our dedicated page, here. Discover the warmth of our community, the academic excellence we offer, and the lifelong friendships that are forged within our international boarding program.

Take a Virtual Tour – Experience Boarding Life at Bunbury Cathedral

Choosing a boarding school for your children can be a challenging decision. That’s why we invite you to take a virtual tour and immerse yourself in our campus that becomes a home away from home for our boarding students. To take a virtual tour of our boarding and school facilities, please visit our Virtual Tours page below.

Take a virtual tour and explore the Boarding and School Facilities.


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