Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is a community that has been growing since 1972. Our past and present parents, staff and students work together in a supportive environment to grow and develop.

The Parents and Friends’ (P&F) Association provides the opportunity for families to participate in and contribute to the large number of school-related social activities and events which take place each year. A P&F representative is part of the School’s Board of Governors, presenting the voice of families of the School. The P&F supports the School in its vision to provide a well-rounded education for students,  aims to develop and foster a strong sense of community and assists students in achieving their goals to be all that they can be. The P&F is a wonderful forum to make new friends, while at the same time, making a valuable contribution to the School Community.

The Old Grammarians Association (OGA) is represented by a committee that facilitates an ongoing connection with graduates and the School. The Committee consists of past students from a variety of years and has a representative on the School’s Board of Governors. The OGA provides financial support to the School, assists with ground improvement projects and organises reunions and other events to mark important milestones.

Our Staff are a vital community within our School. Dedicated to the students of the School, they not only teach their core subjects, but offer important care and support as each child transitions through the years. Past staff frequently return each year for important School events, demonstrating the impact their time at the School had.

The Gelorup Anglican Parish utilises our School Chapel and provides our families with a local, spiritual connection. Weekly services are held in the Chapel, allowing our families to continue their growth in the Anglican faith.


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