Education and Care at Grammar

Our Innovative and Education and Care program

The expansion of our flagship Early Learning Centre to now provide education and care to children from 2 years of age provides families with the unique opportunity to benefit from the excellent facilities and opportunities on offer at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. The centre, which is attached to the School, will enable early learner to benefit from the educational philosophy embedded in the School from the very start of their learning journey.

Our Centre

The Eric Speed Early Learning Centre was purpose built to provide an environment that encourages curiosity and learning in young students. Embedded as part of our Primary School, the expansion of the program will offer convenience for families with children already attending the School, as well as meeting a greater need for more early learning and care options in the wider community. 

Children will not only receive the very best of care but will start their learning and development with access to Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s wider facilities. Our early learners will benefit from the unique opportunity to play in our beautiful bushland campus and our purpose-built early learning nature play space. 

Our Philosophy

We believe every child deserves every opportunity. We are a community that values time. We believe early childhood is a very special time… 

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar Early Education and Care; our mission is to provide excellence in all-round education within a unique environment that promotes a welcoming and safe community which enables each child to achieve their full potential, where every person is respectful of self and others, and all strive for excellence in learning. 

We believe in a time for childhood, so all children’s rights are respected and acknowledged, and we encourage children’s growth of identity, self-esteem and critical thinking to enable each child to reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability. Educators use an inclusive approach to develop each child’s confidence and self-image. 

We believe in a time for connections, so our views are shaped by our respect for the diversity, beliefs and welfare of our children and fosters positive relationships between educators, the children, their families, and our community. We are united in our vision of forging these strong relationships with families, as we appreciate them as the child’s first teacher. 

We believe in time for discovery and wonder so experiences are planned to promote connections with nature and our outdoor environments and fosters creativity. By encouraging children to understand our natural resources and environment they are building an understanding of the First Nations People within Australia and learning ways of being more sustainable for our world. 

We provide a play based and child centered learning curriculum led by the principals in the Early Years Learning and My Time, Our Place frameworks.  

We believe in a time for learning, so we provide the time, space and opportunity children need to learn and a chance for them to practise their new skills. We are dedicated to creating the foundation upon which children will build a lifelong love of learning and with our exceptional staff, outstanding environment, and diverse community we equip our students with the skills to connect and succeed in a global future.  

We believe in a time for children. 

Our Rooms

Open, spacious, and tailored for little learners, rooms are specifically designed to suit each age group. 

From 2025, we will provide long day care for children from 2 to 5-years-old. This dedicated space will provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for all. 

Our Little Grammies 3-year-old program is provided in a tailor designed room, with a ratio of one staff to 10 children and is offered as a bespoke 2-day-per week program. Each class is capped at 20 students, with aim to have two full classes from July 2024.  

All students have access to well-equipped outdoor play spaces and large indoor play spaces. For children participating in the long day care program, delicious and nutritious meals are provided by onsite qualified chefs. 

Our Kindergarten

Our flagship Kindergarten program will remain limited to 20 children per class, with two experienced and passionate staff focused on providing your child with a welcoming and safe environment. With a focus on encouraging students to explore the world around them, we help them develop their skills and knowledge through a bespoke program of intentional learning and play.  

Our Kindergarten program is the bridge between our Early Learning Centre and Primary School. A spacious area purpose-built for learning and play, our specialist early childhood teachers are well-equipped to prepare your Kindergarten child for their future schooling at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. Through play, they develop solid foundations in pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills that set them on the path to lifelong learning success. They also have access to everything Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School has to offer in a broader schooling sense with the chance to integrate with older school students which prepares them for life beyond Kindergarten. 

Join our Community

Our Long Day Care program will open from mid-2024 for children from 3 to 5-years old and will expand to include 2-year-olds from 2025. Families interested in long day care and casual care hours are invited to complete our waitlist form to receive updates and next steps for enrolment.  Please visit our Frequently Asked Question page which provides answers to a range of common questions. 

Little Grammies on Tuesdays and Thursdays is currently fully subscribed. From July 2024, we hope to provide a second class, running Wednesday and Friday. Families interested in accessing the Little Grammies additional class or for 2025 and beyond need to complete the online registration form. 

Kindergarten applications need to be completed online, with a $110 non-refundable payment required at application.  

There is currently a waitlist for Kindergarten in 2025, with a second class being considered should demand be sufficient. Please complete the online application to have your child added to the waitlist.


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