Early Secondary

Years 8 and 9

During Year 8, students experience a full range of courses from our nine Learning Areas. Alongside Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Religious and Philosophical Studies, students explore a variety of Arts and Technology courses.

As students progress to Year 9, they are able to personalise their learning journey by selecting specialist courses in the areas of Arts, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Technologies, in addition to the compulsory courses.

The focus on the early secondary years is on the development of self-regulation, perseverance and effort. The Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Model of Learning inspires teachers to structure engaging, high quality, learning activities, to encourage creative and critical thinking. We have a holistic, child centered approach to learning, which encourages students to flourish. Support is provided to parents and students to help encourage the development of strong study habits, ensuring students are well prepared for the rigours of Senior Secondary School.

Students continue to develop digital competencies helping them to become creators and users of technology. Within classrooms, teachers use our BCGS learning model to structure engaging, high quality learning activities. We value creative and critical thinking. We encourage students to make connections, to explore ideas and to push themselves to aim high. Our teaching strategies are based on current research. We embrace the notions of Visible Learning (John Hattie) and the ideas developed by Harvard University through Project Zero and Cultures of Thinking.


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