Technology and Innovation

We value innovative and critical thinkers. We encourage students to be creative, engaged, collaborative learners and problem solvers. We recognise that students need to be equipped with knowledge of and proficiency in digital technologies to ensure they have the skills to live and work in an increasingly connected world.

Students from Year 3 to 12 are provided with access to a personalised device. We support them to solve problems, research, manipulate, analyse, synthesise, create and communicate information effectively. Students are provided opportunities to actively engage with digital learning programs and are taught the importance of managing their digital footprint.

The use of technology to inspire new ways of thinking is encouraged with a strong focus on STEM commencing in Primary School. Students from Primary and Secondary are invited to participate in our Robotics and Coding Club, with formal opportunities for extended programming provided to those who wish to further develop these skills. The School regularly competes in Coding competitions with teams successful at both State and National level.


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