Year 7

A Year of Transition

Our leading Year 7 Centre and Transition Program was one of the first in the state, purpose-built to provide excellence at a crucial stage in a student’s educational journey. Students are introduced to the world of Secondary School carefully and intentionally. Students enjoy bright, open and flexible learning areas, with dedicated play and outdoor spaces, and access to all the Secondary School has to offer.

Led by a Dedicated Year 7 Co-ordinator, our unique and well-established program offers high quality, differentiated teaching and learning that develops an awareness of Secondary School expectations, whilst at the same time providing students the support to establish close bonds with their peer group.

Expert teaching staff deliver each of the Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities courses, developing strong relationships with the students and providing guidance as they are introduced to the rigours of secondary learning. We provide students with access to an extensive curriculum that includes Health and Physical Education, French, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Media, Design and Technology, Food and Textiles and Religious and Philosophical studies taught by specialist teachers in the Year 7 Centre and in dedicated subject learning areas around the School. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are a very strong focus in the School with all students encouraged to be creative thinkers and capable problem solvers.

As a major entry point to the Secondary School, there is a strong focus on developing and practising good personal organisation, study skills and digital literacy. Students are introduced to examinations and develop the skills and experience to approach these types of assessments with confidence. Our ‘Connect Program’ enables students to use their laptop device effectively and safely as a valuable learning tool. As the year progresses, students spend more time in the wider school environment, accessing the excellent facilities within a supported framework. You read more about our program in our Year 7 Handbook.

Year 7 is a major entry point for the School and parents are encouraged to submit Applications for Enrolment early, with places offered two years prior to commencement.


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