Benefits of Boarding

Boarding at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School provides your child with the opportunity to develop independence, resilience and lifelong friendships. 

Download the Lighthouse Program – a rite of passage program for Boarding students

Part of the Community

One of the advantages for students boarding at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is the easy access to the many activities on offer from the School and in the wider Bunbury community. Many Boarders join a local club, whether that be a sporting team, performing art group, dance class or community group. Travelling to and from these commitments is easy, with our Boarding staff providing a dedicated transport service that runs through the week and weekends so that Boarders can get to their off-campus commitments.

Academic Support

Supervised ‘Prep’ is provided from Monday to Thursday and Sunday nights. Younger students commence and conclude prep earlier, and older students are able to manage their study time around their Academic requirements. Students appreciate the time to focus on their study, develop strong study habits, with access to staff and online tutors to assist when needed.

Co-educational Community

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is one of three independent Schools that provide a co-educational Boarding environment. Families benefit from siblings being able to attend the same School and students benefit from having the support of their sibling. The number of siblings who make up the Boarding community increase the family atmosphere and help to create a close-knit supportive community, reflective of a home environment.

Adventure and Activity

Boarders are provided with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities and enjoy weekend outings to Perth, events in Bunbury and country field days. During the summer months a morning ‘Beach Bus’ allows students to make the most of our proximity to the coast, and improve their surfing and swimming abilities. The Student Boarding Executive provides leadership opportunities for students and helps create a strong sense of community by organising quiz nights, movie nights, special dinners and games nights throughout each term.

Country Atmosphere

Set on 33 hectares of natural bushland, the campus of Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School provides country students with a familiar environment. The Boarding houses are surrounded by natural bushland, with magpies and kookaburras often visiting in the early morning. This tranquil environment provides an excellent backdrop for students to learn and develop.

Routine Advantage

Boarding students benefit greatly from the daily routine that is Boarding life. Students are provided with clear expectations and consistency of daily events that offer a measure of comfort during the trials and tribulations of the teenage years sometimes experienced by adolescents. The establishment of these routines, along with growing independence mean Boarding students are well prepared for life after School.

Lifelong Friendships

The most reported benefit of living in Boarding- living with your friends! Boarding students who have graduated are most grateful for the strong friendships they have developed over the years. These friendships endure as they progress to tertiary studies, with those students who move to Perth often living and supporting each other in this next phase of learning.

“Boarding has given me so many awesome opportunities, and to make incredible friends that I will have for the rest of my life, it has been an absolutely lovely spot to grow up,” Charlie Youngson, 2022 Graduate


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