Cottages and Facilities

A unique home

Our Boarding facilities encourage our students to develop independence, while at the same time, providing them with the wonderful opportunity to forge strong friendships with fellow Boarding students.

Our cottage-style units provide a unique home environment for our students, with shared kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities available. Units accommodate up to eight Boarders of the same gender and comprise of a mix of students from different year groups to reflect the vertical integration of the wider School community.  Students in younger year groups share a bedroom, while older students are provided their own room. Each student is able to personalise their room with photographs, pictures, lights and colourful bedcovers giving each bedroom a unique look.


All students’ meals provided by the Boarding Café are freshly prepared onsite and cater to dietary requirements. During the summer months, the outdoor barbeque area is often used for alfresco dining. Each week, students can select a variety of staples to be available in their unit and all students start the day by enjoying a healthy breakfast in the Cafe.

Boarding students have access to the library, tennis and sport courts after school and on weekends. Senior Boarding students (Years 10 to 12) have access to a gym and weights room before and after School. A dedicated Boarding bus is provided to transport students to and from sporting, or other co-curricular commitments.

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Family connection

The wellbeing of all students is integral to ensuring they flourish while at School. The School provides a Boarding Family Unit to allow family members to be closer to their child when this will assist in improving their wellbeing. The Boarding Family Unit can be booked by parents, or legal guardians of children enrolled in Boarding.


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