At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, we take pride in being one of the premier Boarding Schools Western Australia wide that really feels like home away from home. We have been providing co-ed Boarding since our foundation in 1972, and have over 50 years experience in supporting country students in boarding School.

Concern and care

Our Boarding School staff have been trained to deal with the unique challenges that Boarding School students will face. When talking to BCGS Boarding parents and students, it is clear that one of the most appealing features of living at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is the level of care provided by our residential Boarding staff. They understand that each child will adjust to the daily routine in Boarding School differently and our staff are experienced in helping students make the transition at their own pace.

Living and learning together

Our Boarding staff love what they do and are committed to providing quality residential care. Our residential boarding staff are employed as teachers within the School, providing a strong link for academic and wellbeing continuity.

We have four residential boarding staff who reside on-site with their families. Duty staff are employed to assist Residential staff in the day to day operations of Boarding, with the School Nurse located within the Boarding School precinct and visiting Boarding every morning. The Head of Boarding attends weekly academic and pastoral care meetings which highlight and resolve any issues affecting individual Boarders. All Boarding staff attend weekly meetings to discuss the general wellbeing of each Boarder.

Residential staff contact details

Head of Boarding Boarding Office
Mr Justin Forbes Administration
0417 185 780 (08) 9722 6150
Residential Year Group Co-ordinator Residential Year Group Co-ordinator
Ms Caroline Cooper Rachael Williams
0408 694 654 0404 886 590
Residential Year Group Co-ordinator
Mrs Meredith McCarthy
0417 017 381


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