When talking to Boarding parents and students, it is clear that one of the most appealing features of living at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is the level of care provided by our residential Boarding staff.

Our Boarding staff love what they do and are committed to providing quality residential care. Our residential boarding staff are employed as teachers within the School, providing a strong link for academic and pastoral care continuity.

We have four staff who reside on the site with their families. Duty staff are employed to assist Residential staff in the day to day operations of Boarding, with the School Nurse and Chaplain regularly visiting Boarding students to keep in contact and provide assistance as required. The Head of Boarding attends weekly academic and pastoral care meetings which highlight and resolve any issues affecting individual Boarders. All Boarding staff attend weekly meetings to discuss the general wellbeing of each Boarder.

Meet the new Head of Boarding for 2020, Mr Justin Forbes.


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