Outdoor Education and Camps

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School recognises the importance of providing students with a variety of environments in which to learn. Our camps and outdoor education opportunities provide our students with the opportunity to challenge themselves in a supportive environment.

School Camps

Commencing in Year 1 and 2 with an overnight stay, and culminating in the challenging Outward Bound camp in Year 10, all students at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School have the opportunity to participate in a yearly camp. These camps provide our students with the ability to strengthen friendships, develop resilience and enjoy learning in an environment outside the classroom. For many students, the camp experience is the highlight of the year, providing memories that last well beyond graduation.

Outdoor Classrooms

Our School is set on 33 hectares of natural bushland, which we work to respect and preserve. It provides our students, and our staff, with a unique, peaceful learning environment. Nature play is a feature of our Primary School, with many outdoor areas for student to explore. During winter months, our younger students often don gumboots and rain jackets to explore the creeks and rivers that develop around the grounds; while in warmer months, teachers often take classes outdoors, providing students with the opportunity to study and reflect while surrounded by nature.

Duke of Edinburgh

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is an Award Unit of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, an internationally recognised award for young people. The Award enables our young people to take full advantage of diverse opportunities and is designed to be an individual challenge based on the unique interests of each participant in the areas of Physical Recreation, Skill, Service and an Adventurous Journey. We support students in their journey to achieve their desired Award, with dedicated camps, trips and service opportunities made available.


School Tours



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