Opportunities to volunteer

Past students in the medical and allied health fields have the opportunity to inspire a new generation of professionals in the industry.The School’s successful Medical & Allied Health Pathway Program, provides mentoring for students pursuing a career in these fields.

Designed for Senior Secondary students in Years 10 to 12, the program encourages and educates students aspiring to a career in the medical sciences. If you are a passionate professional and would like to help the School as a volunteer or mentor, the program includes:

  • Guest speakers to educate and inspire members of the program,
  • Skills sessions offered at School to develop practical competencies such as suturing, infection control and strapping,
  • Excursions to various medical institutions and providers,
  • Partnership for each student with a suitable mentor through the three year program,
  • Support and guidance for applications and career pathways, and
  • Opportunities to participate in health-related community events.

For more information on mentoring or to volunteer, contact the program co-ordinator, Mrs Kathy Chiera via email or telephone on (08)  9722 6000.

Testimonials from current volunteers

A wide range of volunteers from optometry, nursing, physiotherapy, medicine, sonography, radiography and psychology are currently part of the program.

Stacey Harrison
SKG, Sonographer

“I wanted to participate in this Program because medical imaging in general is not seen as being as prominent as far as health path careers are concerned. I hope to see the students potentially get inspired to do something they may not have thought about before.”

Colin Strydom
Bunbury Physiotherapy Centre

“I think it is such a good Program, as many students get in to a profession without knowing what it fully entails. Such as with physiotherapy, the number of people in the profession is significantly less than the number of students who first enrol at university in it”.


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