Arranging a funeral can be a bewildering process. The usual procedure is as follows:

  • A doctor is needed to confirm the death of the person.
  • Once death is confirmed a funeral director can be approached to take care of the legal paperwork and funeral arrangements. (It is possible for you to do all of this yourself however, funeral directors know the procedures and can remove some of the stress involved)
  • Contact your local priest/minister to make the arrangements for the funeral service itself.

The priest/minister and funeral director work together in making the arrangements. As a general rule the funeral director arranges the paperwork, the booking of the cemetery/crematorium, transport and care of the deceased. The priest/minister looks after the details of the funeral (ie readings, music, type of service, etc).
The priest/minister will also offer on-going grief counselling. Long after the funeral is over your priest/minister will visit you to see how “you are getting along.”

A number of options are available for the funeral. These include:

  • A service in the church (with the possibility of communion), followed by the committal at the cemetery/crematorium.
  • A service at the cemetery/crematorium itself.
  • Prayers can be said at the home of the deceased.
  • The church can be available as a place of viewing the deceased or for a vigil.

You have plenty of time to decide what you want to do. Sometimes it takes a while for you to feel happy with what you would like. You are free to be creative when it come to the Funeral Service. Music, flowers, candles, decorations, and photos etc. can be used to give a personal touch to what happens. These can be discussed with your funeral director and priest/minister.  There are many people available to help you in your bereavement. They are only too willing to be of assistance to you as you begin a new life without the person you have loved.

“Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” (Mtt 5:4)

To discuss holding a funeral at the Chapel of St Francis and St Clare please contact the Priest in charge via telephone on (08) 9722 6130 or via email.


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