To be married in a church that is not your local parish, you should still liaise with your local priest. Traditionally, your local priest will work with you and contact us on your behalf.

Marriage Preparation

To complete a marriage within the church you will require:

  • Your Baptism Certificates (note: at least one of the couple needs to be baptised).
  • Your Birth Certificates (not extract).
  • decree absolute if you are separated or divorced.

Also note that according to the Marriage Act the following legal requirements must be met:
a) Normally, more than one month’s notice should be given to the celebrant.
b) Neither party can be a descendant or an ancestor of the other.
c) Marriageable age is 18 years for both men and women.
d) If either party has been married before, proof of death, annulment or divorce must be given.

It is normal for there to be some preparation. This preparation looks at three areas:

  • Personal relationships.
  • The legal paper work.
  • The meaning and conduct of the marriage ceremony itself.

Resources such as PREPARE are often used by priests to help couples learn more about what it is to be married. These resources are very useful in helping partners to talk freely about their expectations of each other in marriage.

The meaning and conduct of the marriage ceremony
We recognise that some people are not familiar with church ceremonies and their meaning. Your priest will discuss this with you so that your marriage ceremony will be as meaningful to you as it can be.

Couples are free to make an offering that expresses their thankfulness for the good things God has done for them.

To discuss holding your wedding in the Chapel of St Francis and St Clare, please contact the Priest in charge via telephone on (08) 9722 6130 or via email.


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