The School day for students starts at 8:30am and formally concludes at 3:20pm.

Regular attendance at School is an important pre-requisite for students to obtain the best possible outcomes from their education in the academic, social, co-curricular and spiritual dimensions of the School. It is also a legal requirement (see Education Act 1999). The School has a responsibility to monitor that all registered students attend school regularly and that all absences from school are explained through the provision of a written note, email or telephone call to Administration staff from a student’s parents or guardian. Regular attendance is defined as at least 90% attendance as a minimum, or absence of five or less days per 10-week term, or one day of absence per fortnight.

The School asks families to make holiday travel arrangements outside of the scheduled school terms, avoiding disruption to the learning and homework routines of their children. While the School cannot legally give permission for an extended absence, Parents should always inform the School in writing (the Head of Secondary for Secondary students, or the Head of Primary for Primary students) well in advance of when they are planning to take their children out of school for an extended period (five school days or more).

The School will keep a daily record of student attendance on its central computer Administration system and keep permanent copies of the School’s enrolment register and the annual School roll in the School Archives. In addition, the School permanently retains all notes, emails, SMS messages, and written copies of telephone messages from parents that explain a student absence. In addition, reasons for absences are captured on the School’s Student Management System, SEQTA.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    If the student will be absent for more than one day, please select the first day of absence and note below the dates they will be absent with the reason.


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