Baptism and First Communion

Baptism and First Communion at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Each year we invite families in our Primary School to a special service where we arrange Baptism or First Communion for our students.

Baptism is the term used in the bible for what people commonly call “Christening”. When bringing a child for Baptism you are saying that you would like your child to:

  • Be a part of God’s family
  • Follow the example of the teachings of Jesus
  • Worship God

First Communion is offered to children from 8 years old. If you would like your child to receive First Communion they need to be:

  • Baptised
  • Willing to worship God
  • Supported by parents and/or godparents
  • Understand what they are doing

Confirmation, in the Anglican church (and many other churches) is generally offered when the child is old enough to become an adult member of the church and a believer in Christ. Confirmation is a special ceremony involving the Bishop and the worshiping community. It is customary for this to take place once a person is an adult. Hence, it would not normally take place until a student is in Secondary School (Year 7 or above).


Students attending Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School receive preparation at School during their Religious and Philosophical Studies (RaPS) lessons. The preparation involves studying:

  • The basis of the Christian faith
  • The meaning of Baptism/First Communion
  • The meaning and conduct of the service itself

To help make the service as meaningful as possible and to allow as much family involvement as possible, parents and Godparents are invited to attend the service. Parents are encouraged to talk to their child about what is happening, as these are significant events in their lives.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Children are baptised into the Christian faith, not a particular denomination. It is at Confirmation that you decide to become an Anglican.
  • One parent and all Godparents/Sponsors must be baptised Christians (not necessarily Anglican).
  • Godparents/Sponsors are people who will encourage the child in their Christian faith. They are no recognised as pseudo-parents in the law.

If you would like to have your child Baptised or Receive First Communion, please complete the Application Form. The service will take place at the Chapel of St Clare and St Francis (School Chapel) on Thursday, 7 September 2023 at 8.45am.


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