Student Support

Academic Support

The School provides students extra support in various subject areas. Support in Mathematics and English is available on a regular basis as well as tutorials in a number of areas of the curriculum at set times, or when a particular need arises. Teachers are specifically available to assist Year 12 students completing ATAR courses. View the Tutorial sessions currently on offer.

School Psychologists

The School employs registered psychologists who work as part of our pastoral care team to support the wellbeing of all students in our School. Our Psychologists adopt a strengths based approach to support students to meet their goals and to flourish in their lives.  Students can consult our Psychology team concerning an issue they may be encountering or, more typically, to help improve their academic, social, sporting or career outcomes. All appointments are treated as confidential and are usually arranged during school hours.

Primary students would normally seek support from our Psychologists through their classroom teacher or parent. Secondary students can contact our Psychologists directly or through liaising with their Head of House or Home Group teacher. Parents are also able to contact our Psychologists directly using the contacts below.

Mr Declan Mountford, Psychologist
(08) 9722 6035 or email 

School Chaplain

The School’s Chaplain, The Reverend Canon Geoff Chadwick, is available to speak with students and families. Father Geoff is able to assist with general concerns or deeper issues such as grief, family dynamics or the meaning of life. He is also able to conduct baptisms, weddings and funeral arrangements. Father  Geoff can be contacted on (08) 9722 6130 or email

School Nurse

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School employs a full-time School Nurse in order to provide exceptional care to our students should they become ill or injured. Our School Nurse is responsible for an array of objectives including acute care, prevention of injuries, management of existing injuries, health awareness and promotion, emotional support, and the provision of information and equipment to deal with potential accidents and incidents.

During the day our School Nurse is based at the Health Centre attached to the Eric Speed Early Childhood Centre. Each weekday morning the School Nurse visits Boarding between 7.30am to 8.30am to touch base with students who have existing medical issues or to check on anyone who may have become ill overnight.

Our School Nurse is a wonderful contributor to the School community, getting to know many families and endeavouring to help students through health issues, minor and severe, and promoting the development of a healthy student in collaboration with both families and outside health agencies. Our School Nurse provides students with simple health care from band aids and ice packs right through to a friendly, professional ear when liaising with parents to help students to get back on track.

To support our School in providing the best health care for your child, parents are encouraged to ensure student health details are updated via the Consent2Go platform.

Relevant fact sheets are provided for the information of parents and students:

School Leavers

Noting the different year for this year’s cohort, the government has released the following guide for School Leavers:

School Leavers Guide 2020