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Suri’s Wall: What do the cast members have to say?

Secondary students will present Suri’s Wall, a drama performance based on the fictional book written by Lucy Estela. The book is a moving and powerful story that covers the issues around being different, loneliness, friendship and encompasses more universal themes of displacement by war and the power of the human spirit. Year 9 student, Denise Khorram describes the Performance as, “the perfect description of what sorrow is.”

The Secondary performance include students from Years 7 to 12 and is a place of personal development and where new friendships are made. The main character in the play, Year 11 student Daniella Botha, says, “the best part about being in the Performance is meeting people from the younger years, and to guide and assist them in the play.”

Year 12 student Charlie Youngson, Music Producer of the Performance has been involved in the drama productions throughout Secondary school, but this will be his last year of participating. The play involves two songs sung by Daniella and Charlie on guitar.

“The music plays a huge role in establishing the moods and changing the tension to make the play dramatic when it needs to be,” said Charlie.

The performance will take place in the Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Auditorium on the following dates:

Thursday, 18 August at 7pm

Friday, 19 August at 7pm

Saturday, 20 August at 7pm

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