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Teacher Tuesday: Mr Matthew Cabala

Mr. Matthew Cabala became a valued member of our School Community in 2021 contributing his expertise to our Music Department. He has established strong connections with our students, playing a vital role in our School bands and also working closely with Technologies students in the classroom.

My first teaching job was through the Department of Education in 2017, with a split loading between Albany Senior High School, and Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS). My IMSS component involved me teaching at five primary schools and three high schools in Albany. I taught both classroom music, and instrumental music (brass). Over the next couple of years, I led a number of music camps, excursions, incursions and tours, with a highlight being the WA Schools’ Junior Concert Band Festival’s festival camp in 2018.

It was during my time in Albany that I met my wife, and in 2019 we moved to Bunbury where I taught at Ridge View Secondary College as a foundation staff member. There I taught Digital Technology, Wood and Metal Work and Food Technologies on top of Music.

Like all teachers, I too was inspired by a teacher I had during my schooling. I appreciated the time, investment, and encouragement that was shown to me during my schooling. They say most often you become who you most spend your time around. Being always in the music department practicing, rehearsing or learning new things, it was no surprise that I assimilated!

I first got into music by sheer chance, and introduction from my parents. My mother and father are musicians, both playing guitar and piano at some stage of their own schooling. After a successful audition and music ear test in high school, I was awarded a scholarship on classical guitar, of which I continued into Year 12.

During that time, I also fell in love with the trumpet and I ended up completing a double instrumental music course, completing ATAR Music on both Classical Guitar and Trumpet. After ending up in the music by sheer chance, I continued my musical studies into university, both on classical guitar and trumpet (with trumpet taking over as my main instrument). I have always enjoyed teaching so naturally a music teaching direction is where I took my university studies.

I have differing levels of proficiency on many different instruments ranging from all of the Brass instrument family, contemporary and classical, bass, clarinet, piano, and recently I have taken up the saxophone. My main instruments are trumpet, trombone, and guitar.

Since joining BCGS in 2021, I have enjoyed the plethora of camps offered, the culture that the School has, and the connection to the community. I have resonated with the emphasis on meaningful student-teacher relationships, and have especially enjoyed the annual Music Tours!

DID YOU KNOW? (Interesting facts about Mr Cabala)

  • Mr Cabala is currently the Musical Director, President and Drum Major for the Bunbury City Band.
  • He currently holds a Private Pilot’s Licence
  • Flies model aircrafts for a hobby
  • Enjoys learning about horticulture and sustainable living.
  • Has a passion for connecting music in schools with the local community.


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