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Boarding offers variety

Year 11 Ryan Horley and Year 12, Ash Brummelman, are two students who are near the end of their School Boarding journey and reflect on the food, activities and benefits they have enjoyed as being part of the Boarding community.

Ryan commenced at the School in 2018 as a Year 7 student. He is from Darkan and followed in his dad’s footsteps, who was also a boarder at the School. In 2022, he has become part of the Boarding Student Executive.

“The Student Exec is made up of 12 students, two from each year group,” Ryan explained. “I was pretty happy that Mr Forbes asked me to be part of it this year, as it shows I am thought to be responsible enough by the staff to be part of the group, which makes you feel pretty good.”

The Boarding Student Executive provides a student voice around things that will happen in Boarding.

“We get input into things like the Boarding dinner theme nights, which are something new introduced this year. We also help choose the Boarding Jumpers, weekend activities and social functions that happen in Boarding each term.”

Ash Brummelman also joined Boarding as a Year 7 and is now nearing the end of her Boarding journey and agrees the Boarding Student Executive is a great thing.

“I am more of an outspoken person, so I think having the Boarding executive allows more to students to have input to things that happen in Boarding.”

For Ash, one of the benefits she has found by being in Boarding, is developing a closer relationship with her sister.

“We have certainly gotten closer during the time we have both been in Boarding, and it is nice to have your sister, or in other cases, brother, being able to live with you, when you are away from home.”

One of the biggest talking points of any Boarding House is the food! Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School is one of the few Schools to employ qualified chefs, to prepare and cook breakfast, recess, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner- with dessert. This year, the kitchen has a new team, with Paul taking on the role of Head chef, being assisted by newcomer, Zoo, who previously worked at VAT2 in Bunbury and hails from Japan.

Ash has converted to a vegetarian diet during her period in Boarding and has noticed more variety in the offerings.

“For me, I have found the vegetarian offerings are a little more substantial, and they have started to include a vegetarian option with the theme- ie curry vegetables on curry nights, and other options that have more appeal. Even non-vegetarian students sometimes choose these options as they look good.”

Ryan agrees, “I have certainly noticed an improvement in the food over the time that I have been here. I, myself, enjoy the steak, when we are lucky to get it, and things like the chicken schnitzel.”





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