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Music that gives you ‘the creeps’

As part of our Primary Music Program, Year 3 students are given the opportunity to learn a string instrument. In Term 1, students choose either the violin, viola or cello before commencing lessons. Students participate in weekly small group lessons to learn technique and note reading, and during their timetabled Music class, they rehearse as a large ensemble, putting to use the skills and pieces they learn during the week. We have had great fun experimenting with all the sounds to compose our own ‘Spooky Strings’ music as well.

Bay :: I enjoy playing the cello and getting to make creepy sounds.

Sylvie :: I love everything, especially Manhattan Blues.

Nathan :: It is fun and you learn a lot.

Maria :: I like playing the violin because it sounds nice.

Maggie :: I like learning new songs.

Mrs Rachel Holmes :: Primary Music Specialist


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