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Discovering connection to place through poetry

During Discovery Week, students in English composed forest poems which were entered in the Red Room Competition. With every poem entry, the organisation plants a tree. Students also installed their poetry in some way around the school – either chalk, liquid chalk, paper plant flowers in the grounds, or hung from trees. The focus for the poems was ‘place’ and nature’. The students also learnt to receite the famous war memorial poem In Flanders Field by heart. It was a fantastic week of poetry and community. Below is a sample of poems entered into the competition.

Australian Rock Pools

The ruff, gentle touch that connects all of us,

One dive of the fresh, salty, Australian water traps you and makes you want to never get out.

I slowly, swim through the magical marine life,

Seeing fishy friends and orange octopuses.

If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

I explore further then ‘Splash Kaboom’ my sister is in.

On the saddest days it can make you have the biggest smile,

I go under the water and hear the fairies dancing on top.

My connection is so dearly strong to the land,

Mermaid or not I love the salty touch,

Water baby through my veins.

My happy place where I go,

Everyone and any one is welcome,

To come feel this new and amazing feeling.

Sunshine, Love, Country what more do I need?

Olivia :: Year 7

Above and beneath the Peppy tree

In Grammar’s Garden the peppies grow

between the weeds; row on row,

that mark our place: And in the ground.

The worms slither round and round

in the grass you can hear the tweet

of the small little green parakeet

as you look out at the tree

you will soon see

the patchy brown bark peel

making you do a small kneel.

In the distance you will hear the dripping

of the rusty ripping pipe

as the sun starts to spin

it will start to put a smile on your chin.

As I look down, I can see the moss,

shine on the red brick gloss.

Flynn :: Year 8

Birds watching, Swooping.

Kookaburra eating worms.

Flaps, and flies high

Mia :: Year 8

Dew dripping slowly

Birds singing so quietly,

Leaves falling gently

Guy :: Year 8

The Peppermint tree

Long droopy leaves fall

Between the winding branches

Smells of peppermint trees

Alby :: Year 8


Look up and see the sky,

Look up and see the trees

They give life

And reason to live



 look after them

 appreciate them

In winter they are green

And alive

In summer leaves are dry

 in autumn leaves fall

we love trees

Zara :: Year 8

Trees are life

A habitat, a home, a heart,

The leaves blow from side to side,

The bark, the skin, the trunk, the spine,

Trees are life

Squawk, the birds sing in joy,

The tree is a home to all animals, big and small,

Without it many would be homeless,

Trees are life

You can hear the trees call:

Don’t cut me down, leave me be

I’m just a tall and lonely tree

It’s like a person about to die,

Tears of sap roll down its face,

If this tree goes, nothing can replace:

An animal’s home, a source of life, no air left to breath

Trees are life

So don’t cut down trees,

Just let them be

Unless you and the world want to die,

Trees are life

Rosie :: Year 8
















Milla :: Year 7

Dragonflies are cool

Beautiful Hunter Killers

Speeding Vicious Death

Ned:: Year 7

I live in a hollow.

And chase others who care to follow.

I’m striped as can be.

Where I’m from it’s hard to find a tree.

All I see is bushes and shrubs.

And I hunt on young cubs

Max :: Year 7

Time Takes All

Time takes all,

The trees that whisper in the wind,

The leaves that crunch under foot,

Turning green into grey,

Time watches as they all decay.

The circle of life will complete,

And again and again it will repeat,

The trees that grow so tall,

Turn into ash as fire roars,

Feeding saplings into trees,

Flower’s nectar for the bees.

The age-old knowledge,

Spoken through the times,

For there to be Life,

There must be Death.

Jasmin :: Year 7

A life begins

A life begins

the leaves are new,

people grow

and trees do too.

Work builds up

as days go by,

stress enlarging

going sky high.

As they age

the leaves grow brown,

getting older each day

the leaves fall down.

Sitting alone

peeling bark,

a special spark

stuck in your heart.

The clock rewinds

the Big Ben chimes,

the tree is worn

another is born.

Hannah H :: Year 7

I’m sunset orange,

and I have scales and no legs,

I slither around

Ian :: Year 7

A fat little pigeon

Your feathers glossy in the sun

You sound so beautiful: but

You’re looking for a hunt

Noah :: Year 7

The playful beams dance across the water
so calm it makes me free
I sit here fishing with my daughter.
The ocean washes over me
I watch the waves become dark blue
As our fingers start to wrinkle
The waves start to rumble
And my worries wash away
The fear slowly crumbles

Sasha :: Year 7


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