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Teacher Tuesday: Mrs Florencia Levy

Mrs Florencia Levy first joined our School in 2006 as a relief teacher, and after 17 years expanding her language skills in different areas and abroad, she has found her place back in in the lower primary classrooms teaching French.

I was born in Argentina, in a coastal town called Mar del Plata. My first language is Spanish, and I started learning English from Kindergarten. I was always interested in learning other languages and learning more about other cultures, so while I was in high school, I also studied French and Italian. When it was time to choose a career, I decided to become a language teacher so I could pass on my knowledge and inspire others to become confident speakers of other languages.

I met my Australian husband while teaching English in South Korea and moved to Western Australia in 2003. I worked as a relief teacher in the Bunbury area and operated my own language institute, mainly catering for adult learners. In 2006, I had the opportunity to work at BCGS as a Primary French relief teacher for most of the year. I really enjoyed my time at the School as everyone made me feel welcomed and valued.

At the end of 2006, my husband and I decided to move overseas. We spent some time in Xi’an, China learning Chinese Mandarin and travelled around Asia and Europe visiting some amazing places and always looking for opportunities to talk to the locals and develop my language skills further. We lived in Edinburgh for five years and during that time I studied to become a Public Service Interpreter and had the opportunity to work as an interpreter and translator for the Scottish Courts and Emergency Services. I also learnt British Sign Language which was a useful tool to have in that profession.

We returned to Western Australia in 2012 keen to settle back in the South West and start a family. After spending some time working outside education, in 2019, I started teaching Italian at a local Bunbury primary school. I then realised how much I had missed being in contact with students and facilitating their learning of languages.

In 2022 I completed a Graduate Certificate in Indonesian and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning yet another language. In 2023, I started working at BCGS teaching French in lower primary. I am very fortunate to be back teaching at this wonderful school and doing what I love. I find teaching languages very rewarding and believe that speaking other languages opens many doors and offers a wealth of opportunities.


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