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The Foundations of the Interhouse Cross-Country Competition

In the early days of the School, the Interhouse Competition was made up of contests in Table Tennis, Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics, Volleyball and Chess.

The Interhouse Cross-Country Competition is 50 years old. In 1972, Foundation teacher Ms Greta Cleghorn wrote:

“In preparation for the Athletics season, an Interhouse Cross Country was held in Second Term. The course was set out in the School grounds and was estimated to be two thousand metres.

The Boarders were the stars of the day because they took five out of the six places awarded in the two sections. Those early morning jogs were of great value during the Cross Country – but not generally thought of highly at 6.45 each morning!

For those who could handle the navigational aspects of the course, there were points to be won for the respective Houses.”

The winning Houses on the day were Goldsmith for the Boys, and Redding for the Girls.

Ros Malone: School Archivist

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