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Teacher Highlight: Jenelle Commisso

Jenelle Commisso, Career and Enterprise teacher and 2022 VET Co-ordinator, started her career at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School nine years ago. Since then, she has become a mother of three, a much-appreciated teacher and guide for the students in their careers.

I am a local girl who grew up in Capel, where I enjoyed a wonderful, ‘outdoors’, sporting childhood in a close knit supportive community. From the time I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Through my participation in sport, and experiences in high school, I decided that Physical Education teaching was what I wanted to do. What I did not know was how much joy this career could bring.

I went straight to University after high school and relished the opportunities that were presented to me. After completing my final ‘prac’ at Newton Moore Senior High School, I was offered a part-time job there whilst completing the rest of my degree. I learnt so much from this experience which led to a full-time position. I look back fondly on the memories I have of those years. When the opportunity to join Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School arose, I accepted the position of Health and Physical Education Teacher with some reluctance, but I am so glad I did.

From the time I joined the School in 2003 until now, I have only ever had wonderful experiences. From School Africa trips with the Cowans, to Outward Bound Adventures and just everyday teaching, I have loved every minute. It is a common joke amongst the staff that I have had more farewells than John Farnham, but there is something that always brings me back to Grammar. I enjoyed being at home with my three children while they were young, but I always loved coming in to do some relief, covering for people on long-service leave, or accepting other short-term contracts.

Now that my three children are grown into teenagers, I have enjoyed being back at the School on a permanent basis. This year has seen me fill the VET Co-ordinator and Careers role while Belinda Walker is on leave. I have loved the challenge this has thrown at me, and I have enjoyed learning about another whole world of opportunities the School has to offer our students.

When asked why I love the School so much, I cannot put my finger on one exact thing. However, the one thing that stands out most to me is the close knit, supportive community, similar to what I grew up with. Of the many adventures I have explored in my career, from lecturing to mentoring, I have always felt most at home at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.


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