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School chef is a recipe for success

The School has had a kitchen since opening in 1972 as part of its boarding facilities but it is only in recent years that a chef has transformed the kitchen into a culinary experience.

When qualified chef, Dave Sibly started at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School almost 20 years ago, he revolutionised the food in Boarding.

The simple, home-cooked meals became more like ‘café style’ food and along with his prowess in the kitchen, Dave was renowned for catering to dietary requirements.

In an era when dietary requirements were uncommon, Dave embraced the challenge of cooking for different diets and was renowned for his flexibility in the kitchen.

Dave recently retired at the beginning of this year after two decades of cooking for Boarders and staff.

According to Dave, he was inspired by a love of cooking and good food while working in the School kitchen.

“The joy of cooking and the appreciation for good food translated into the Boarding House kitchen,” Dave said.

When Dave started in 1983, he worked in the ‘old kitchen’ as part of the old Boarding House for five years before moving into the new kitchen facility in 1988.

The new kitchen, which Dave described as ‘bright and shiny’, enabled him to cook for more than just the Boarders. The facility provided a bigger space and heralded the start of catering services for functions, staff events, camps and conferences.

“I was very happy to expand the catering services to external functions and enjoyed the positive feedback from the attendees,” he said.

The School kitchen continues to cater for a variety of events and has earned a reputation for the quality of cooking.

Since starting in 1983, Dave believes that there is now a bigger variety of food and that chefs are common place in School kitchens. At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, three chefs are employed to cook for the Boarders.

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