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Basketball Wrap-Up


I believe one of the legacies of the recently departed Mr Ben Duff is a very healthy participation rate in basketball. We had over 90 players from Year 1 to Year 6 in the 2021/22 season, representing over 50% of the eligible students in Primary! With many others playing cricket or swimming, the high levels of enthusiasm for sports within Bunbury Grammar is incredibly encouraging. Remarkably, every boy in Year 2 was involved in the basketball team at the beginning of the season, reflecting a great team and community spirit for sport.

While our focus will always be on the enjoyment of the game, many players have been able to develop their skills and evolved into exceptional players; some representing regional and representative teams as well as gaining MVP recognition from the Basketball Association.

All this is only possible with the support of our parents; this season we had 12 primary teams, with nine of them coached by parents. They are passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable; interestingly, all these are exceptional traits for a great teacher, perhaps we should be encouraging some career changes?

The following quotes from two players highlight what is important to our BCGS students playing sport:

“I love basketball because we get to have fun times with our friends in a team environment.” :: Annabel Reid

“I loved our team this season, everyone comes to have fun. Josh is great, he will always pass to people who are in the right position; he encourages us all to play as a team.” :: Alex Cunningham

Mr Rob Whirledge :: Head of Primary



Bunbury Grammar had 26 teams play in the Bunbury Basketball Association with 14 teams play in the Secondary School.

There were six primary and eight secondary teams that made finals which culminated in one primary team and three secondary teams making Grand Finals.

Congratulations to the Year 11/12 Boys Div 2 team that won the Grand Final 55-51 against Tornadoes Ballers. Luc Perkins was awarded Player of the Grand Final after scoring 38 points.

We also had a number of Association Award winners which included:


Alexander Cunningham – Year 6 Boys DIv 2

Indi Buswell – Year 7 Girls Div 1

Runner Up MVP

William Cunningham – Year 5 Boys Div 2

Fletcher Hands – Year 8/9 Boys Div 2

Will Potter – Year 8/9 Boys Div 3

Cameron Duff – Year 10/11 Boys Div 3

Santina Pillonel – Year 8/9 Girls Div 2

Well done to all students who represented our School this season and to all coaches and managers, both staff and parents, for their efforts throughout the season.

GRADE DIV GEN TEAM NAME Award Winner Award Winner
Y4 1 M Grammar Blue MVP Spencer Barrett Runner Up MVP Peter Kavanagh
Y4 1 F Grammar Blue MVP Ivy Scott Runner Up MVP Mali Cook
Y5 1 M Grammar Gold MVP Jensen Barbour Runner Up MVP Alex Cunningham
Y5 2 M Grammar Blue MVP William Cunningham Runner Up MVP Spencer Barrett
Y5 1 F Grammar Gold MVP Jessie Major Runner Up MVP Annika Barbour
Y6 1 M Grammar Blue MVP Leighton Stafford Coach’s Award Archie Darlow
Y6 2 M Grammar Gold MVP Alex Cunningham Coach’s Award Sam Reid
Y6 1 F Grammar Blue MVP Rosie Reynolds Coach’s Award Charlie David
Y7 2 M Grammar Blue MVP Chase Lardner Runner Up MVP Jamie Harrison
Y7 2 M Grammar Gold MVP Toby Potter Coach’s Award Leeuwin Prowse
Y7 1 F Grammar Blue MVP Indi Buswell Runner Up MVP Sarah Offer
Y8-9 2 M Grammar Blue MVP Fletcher Hands Runner Up MVP Rory Hamersley
Y8-9 2 M Grammar Gold MVP Cohen Matthews Runner Up MVP Pratosh Karingula
Y8-9 3 M Grammar Gold MVP Harry Wilson Runner Up MVP Alexander Clements
Y8-9 3 M Grammar Blue MVP Will Potter Runner Up MVP Carter Giacci
Y8-9 1 F Grammar Blue MVP Havana Milner Coach’s Award Brooklyn Matthews
Y8-9 2 F Grammar Gold MVP Santina Pillonel Coach’s Award Kallarni Jones
Y10-11 2 M Grammar Navy MVP Luc Perkins Runner Up MVP Kade Prowse
Y10-11 3 M Grammar Gold MVP Cameron Duff Runner Up MVP Joshua Beaton
Y10-11 2 F Grammar Navy MVP Madeleine West Coach’s Award Baylee Gibson
Y10-11 2 F Grammar Gold MVP Arabella Roberts Runner Up MVP Ella McCarthy
Y10-11 2 F Grammar Blue MVP Matilda Coulson Coach’s Award Georgia Franklin

 Mr Jason Reid :: Sports Co-ordinator

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