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Fostering teamwork and logical problem-solving through Robotics

When faced with a problem it is very easy to give up or ask someone else to fix it for you – but not when you are part of the Robotics Club! The students who join the Club thrive on the challenges working with robotics creates. They have learned that when things do not work as expected, you need to work together as a team and use logical problem-solving steps to find a solution to get the robot back up and running. Throughout the year, the students design and build robotics for various purposes; battle bots that seek and destroy before moving onto robots that can conquer the technical challenge of the ‘Line Rescue’ at the Western Australian RoboCup Junior competition.

Harper :: Robotics is a fun afternoon activity that runs on Mondays with Ms Cusack. Robotics has helped me with problem-solving and perseverance because when the robot is malfunctioning, I need to problem-solve and find out what I have done wrong.

Jake :: Robotics helps me problem-solve when the robot starts to not work, and when the design fails. For example, one time our robot was working perfectly, and then suddenly, it would not drive forward. So, we had to delete all our codes and start again!

Wolfe :: I think it helps with problems because it helps you think in different ways and always keep on trying. I love robotics because it is always fun and exiting, while also difficult. It is always good.

Kenna :: Robotics is a wonderful opportunity, and it really helps me with problem-solving because when I come across a problem, I have to use my brain to work around it. I love robotics because I get to meet with my friends and have fun.

Advaiti :: Robotics helps me problem-solve because we do a lot of coding for our robots, it takes a lot of concentration . I love robotics because we all have so much fun! I never thought it would be this fun I look forward to robotics every Monday at the start of each week.

Ms Kelly Cusack :: Year 5 Teacher


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