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Year 5 students learn from Marine Biologist, Kate Cranney

In October last year, students in Year 5 had the opportunity learn and receive a virtual tour from Marine Biologist, Miss Kate Cranney. Miss Cranney lives on a boat called the Investigator where she investigates underwater creatures living at extreme depths. The Investigator is a huge ten story high boat that travels around the world exploring the ocean. A virtual meeting was held where Miss Cranny gave a tour of the Boat and talked about what a day looked like as a Marine Biologist. The students appreciated being able to ask questions and learn from Miss Cranney,

“Our favourite new species we learned about was the cookie cutter shark. The cutest was the deep sea batfish. We also learned that there were people working at all times on the ship, so you needed to be mindful of people sleeping when you might be making exciting discoveries! The ship’s name RV Investigator was very cool. It reminded us of the Mars Rover names of Perseverance and curiosity,” said Beth, Bella and Tamika.

“We learned that the ship was very big, 94meters long. We liked seeing all the new species. Our favourites were the flying fish, the angel fish and the cookie cutter shark,” said Ivy, Emily, Charlotte and Mary.

“We liked it when we got to see around the whole ship. It was great to see all the different fish in the jar,” said Will, Beau and Spencer.

“I liked the tour around the ship, and it was like I was onboard,” said Wolfe

“I was fascinated with the dragon fish. It was great Kate spent so much time showing us around,” said Julian

“My favourite fish by far was the tripod fish, it was so kind of you to show us around,” said Kenna

“It was interesting to see the whole ship, even the inside. My favourite fish was the cookie cutter shark,” said Advaiti


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