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What to Expect for Year 7: A year of adventure

The year of 2022 was a whirlwind of excitement and new experiences for the Year 7 students. Rosie Reynolds shares her experience:

Year seven was a fantastic adventure filled with laughter and memories. It was an eye-opening year for us as we had never experienced high school before. At moments it felt like the days were stretching out but at others, they flew right by. Studying was never easy, but it all paid off when we received our results.

One of the best times was on camp. We made plenty of new and wonderful friends and had amazing experiences that we have never experienced before. The school year was also an adventure. The teachers preparing us for Year 8 and upper high school. One of the newer experiences was writing an essay for the first time. I can tell you that everyone was pretty nervous about this! Exams was also a new experience where study and preparing was our priority.

Year 7 has now come to a close. I think it has been an amazing adventure from the first orientation to the last day of the year. When we look back on the past year it is amazing all of the things we have achieved, all the memories we have made and the fun we have had on the way. I am so excited to start Year 8 and all the fun times and events that come with that.

Rosie Reynolds :: Year 7


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