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Premier’s ANZAC tour an eye-opening experience

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Year 11 student Hannah Peterson was one of only 10 students selected to participate in the 2022 Premier’s Anzac Student Tour (PAST). In late December, Hannah embarked on this unique experience travelling around the state to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin, and 105 years of the ANZAC legacy.

“The PAST experience has opened my eyes to not only the history entrenched in this beautiful state, but also the opportunities that are available, and how I can do anything I truly put my mind to. I hope to be able to travel more in the future, and learn more about not only Australia’s history, but other countries’ history also,” said Hannah.

Albany, Perth, Kununurra and Broome were the main stops of the tour, accompanied with day trips to places such as Rottnest Island and Wyndham to further delve into these towns involvement during the two World Wars.

“The most interesting stop was Rottnest Island. We visited the Oliver Hill Battery in the morning, and then went along the Bickley Battery historical trail. We had a lovely tour guide named Mr Mick Murray, who showed us around and told us the amazing story of the history and involvement of Rottnest Island during World War Two,” stated Hannah.

To be selected to participate in the tour, students were required to submit a written piece on the topic of growing up in a family affected by war. Hannah encourages other students to apply, “For students who have thought of applying, I would say that they should. Putting your mind towards something, working hard on the application and to see the reward is so amazing and it truly makes you proud of yourself.”

“The tour has shown me that there are lots of people in the world who have a passion for history, and I am keen to explore and learn more,” said Hannah.


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