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P&F: Leaving our mark

For many of us 2022 has been a year of remembrance and contemplation. I am fortunate enough to have experienced BCGS as both a student and a parent and these are about as polar apart as you can envisage. My children cannot picture the younger version of myself in my mustard yellow school dress, blue cape and hat. Nor can they imagine our School without its extensive and impressive infrastructure. They take their extraordinary surroundings for granted and they certainly have no understanding of the decades of hard work that has gone into providing their experience.

This year the P&F has focused on providing several inspirational projects throughout the School. We listened, we collaborated, we reflected on the past and we hope to have left a mark on the future. This year the early childhood stream project went from vision to reality. Thanks to the hard work of Mr Whirledge, Darren Fraser and his grounds team, a fully functionally stone lined stream with hand operated pump was installed. Early childhood also now has its own basketball hoop. The Year 11 Common Room has emerged as a space for students to relax and study. Outdoor table tennis tables have been installed in secondary with Interhouse competitions common during lunches. Planning is also underway for outdoor storage boxes filled with sporting equipment for use by students. The Year 12 student executive, with the help of Mr Poller and Mr Grant, have completed the secondary wellness garden now adorned with benches and outdoor metal flower art to match the mosaic tree wall.

The P&F’s legacy gift in our 50th year is $50,000 to fund the purchase of the fourth Tree Top Music pod to be installed early 2023. This will provide not only another tuition space but the opportunity for a classroom to be created in the lower portion of the Auditorium, establishing a much-needed ensemble rehearsal space for Music and Drama. This will also be completed in early 2023.  Looking further forward a rejuvenation of the front of the Auditorium will also be possible with the renovation of the foyer, creation of another classroom and staffroom in the future.

As always, a big thank you for the tireless work of the P&F committee and the countless volunteers that come forward to help at all our events. To the School teaching, executive, administration, and marketing staff without whose support we could not function and to Darren Fraser and the School Grounds staff who this year have gone above and beyond to assist with our events and make our projects a reality.

As we look forward to the schools next 50 years, your P&F looks forward to continuing its support of our students, staff, parents, and community.

Mrs Stacey Harrison :: P&F President


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