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Honour Board Recipient: Charlie Youngson

Charlie Youngson has been an exemplary role model to his fellow students in all that he has done throughout his time at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School. He has performed at the highest level in music and has been an outstanding ambassador for the School on every occasion. He has displayed strong and committed servant leadership, providing service to the School and community on a regular basis from Year 7 when he joined the School and he has excelled as a singer/songwriter, culminating in him winning the Fairbridge Song Quest. 

Charlie’s dedication to the School’s Music and Drama programs has been exceptional. Despite the demands of his music career and leadership role, Charlie showed his passion for the Arts by dedicating his time to support a variety of School Arts events, including being a very active member of the music or cast in many school productions. Charlie’s sense of decency and humility are amongst his most notable qualities. Charlie always conducts himself in a manner that invites friendship and respect amongst all who associate with him. He shows humour, kindness and a strong appreciation of the rights and needs of others. He is a worthy recipient of his place on our School Honour Board as he embodies all the qualities that this award signifies. 


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