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The Boarding facilities at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School are located in the heart of our School grounds. Our students enjoy cottage-style accommodation with each cottage housing up to nine boarders. Students have bedrooms rather than dormitories and the senior students take some responsibility for the care of the younger members of their unit. Shower, toilet and laundry facilities are contained within each Unit as well as a kitchen and eating area where students meet over breakfast, afternoon tea and supper (lunch and dinner are provided daily in our Café by our permanent chefs).

The co-educational nature of Boarding means that girls and boys mix in a natural and healthy environment where friendships develop within clear and meaningful guidelines. For Boarding families, the reality of having both their sons and daughters educated at the same School is a great advantage.

Our central aim is to provide a ‘home away from home’ experience that provides each Boarder with unlimited opportunities to develop lifelong friendships, learning strategies and a degree of independence and interdependence that will serve them well beyond School.

Read what our Boarding students think - "What I Like About Boarding".

With a range of Boarding Scholarships and a Family Boarding Package, with savings from $8,000 per year for a two child family, discover how your child can flourish. 

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