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Student Leaders exemplify ‘The Grammar Way’

Year 12 students Olive, Dustin and George were elected by students and staff as the 2024 School Captains and Chairperson of the Student Executive.

As passionate and committed leaders, they look forward to their final year, and the opportunity to serve the School and their peers.

“It is truly an honour to be working with our teachers and fellow students in this position, and already in our short tenure as school leaders, we have had some inspiring discussions and ideas with our Student Executive,” said Dustin.

“I am very proud and excited to be representing the School as a School Captain this year. I am looking forward to working alongside my peers and teachers to help improve aspects of the School for future years, and to also organise fun events for everyone,” said Olive.

This year the Executive will work on improving the sense of community by building school spirit.

“We believe that we can improve the Grammar sense of community by improving our School spirit and re-establishing our School values. We plan to do this by building upon the work of last year’s Student Executive, continuing their theme of community,” said George.

Dustin agreed saying, “One of the things I really noticed when I first came to Grammar in Year 7 was the community feel and aura of inclusivity extended between the multiple year groups and teaching cohort; so we have placed an emphasis on continuing to improve our School spirit by organising events that all year groups can enjoy together.”

The Executive recently initiated the term, ‘The Grammar Way’, and is one of their focusses of the year.

“At the Student Executive Camp, we coined the phrase ‘The Grammar Way’, and since then have taken any opportunity to talk about it. The basic premise of ‘The Grammar Way’ is a set of attitudes and ideals that symbolise the positive community that Grammar has come to be known for,” explained Dustin.

“Simply put, ‘The Grammar Way’, is a standard that students should try to hold themselves to, as part of the Grammar Community. Taking care to use manners, remain presentable, and to achieve well the many other opportunities that this school offers,” added George.

In speaking of their experience at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School (BCGS), all of them value the supportive and inclusive atmosphere and the opportunities presented to them.

“I have always enjoyed my time at BCGS. I have been able to make great friends, in my own year and others, as well as build positive relationships with my teachers. Especially in the senior years of high school, there is a mutual respect between teachers and students, and students are treated like young adults. I think that is what allows for such a great learning environment and a close-knit community feel. The School has allowed me to work hard toward my goals in life with a strong support system behind me,” said Olive.


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