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Busselton Jetty Swim 2024

With more than 4,500 swimmers competing in the Busselton Jetty Swim this year, our students joined the more than 1,578 males and 1,582 females registered for the 3.6km solo swim. Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School had 16 students complete the solo swim. There were also a number of staff and parents competing. with more students taking part in the team events. It was a great event for our School community! Congratulations to all who took part, with the below a list of solo swimmers with some notable results:

Girls Solo Swimmers

Ruby M, (3rd in age group and 8th female)

Tana H (6th in age group and 12th female)

Ariane D (8th in age group, 15th female)

Neve H

Beth L

Danielle H

Sasha P

Stella C

Boys Solo Swimmers

Dustin G (7th age group)

Alex C

Matius B

Angus W

Leeuwin P

Lucas B

Oliver W

Mitch G

One Mile Swimmers

Kenna H

Liam H


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