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Riding the Wind: Student Soars to Third Place in Multiple Windsurfing Competitions

Year 12 student, Santina, has recently started making a name for herself in the competitive windsurfing world, placing third in the Under 18 and Under 21 categories of the Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic alongside a third place in the Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles in Geraldton in January.

Santina who windsurfs most weekends in summer and as often as she can after school when the conditions are favourable, was introduced to the sport by her father.

“I grew up watching my dad windsurfing around WA and in really cool spots which made me want to be out there with him. I got my first kids rig at eight years old. A few parents in the windsurfing community, including mine, started a volunteer windsurfing school called South West Junior Windsurf School, which was ultimately where my love for the sport grew as I could learn and windsurf regularly with my friends, being taught by world class instructors,” explained Santina.

Her love of the ocean and the ability to explore remarkable locations, have contributed to her continued passion for the sport.

“I have always loved to be out in the ocean with my family and friends, and this grew when I started going into waves and feeling the exhilaration and power of the elements. By improving, I can now go to amazing spots like Tombstones in Gnaraloo, Main Break in Margret River and Main Break in Yallingup,” said Santina.

Satina first started competing two years ago and has been enjoying the experience. “Leading into the competition there are always nerves but once I am in the water, all of my nerves go and I end up having the best time. I was pretty happy with my placing and was also happy for both of my friends that placed on the podium with me,” said Santina of her experience at the Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles in Geraldton.

When asked about her future with the sport, Santina responded, “Looking at next season if I am still in WA I would do the Jaffle Shack Oceania Youth Wave Titles in Geraldton and the Margret River Windsurfing Wave Classic, but I have also planned to have a gap year after school and my dream is to go to Greece to coach windsurfing at one of the best windsurfing clubs in the world which is possible because I have completed a windsurfing instructors course.”

The sport, Santina believes, is not for the faint-hearted, and provided words of encouragement to people who are just starting it. “Make sure you have good beginner’s equipment to learn on and I strongly recommend learning with some friends. It is a sport that requires determination, perseverance and practice so make sure that you keep it fun!”


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