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Lasting memories and friendships from Boarding

Hi, I am David Nelson-Palmer, the Head Boarder for 2024.

I come from a small town about an hour and a half drive south from Bunbury called Manjimup.  I started my journey with BCGS at the start of Year 10.

When I first moved into boarding, I was very nervous and leaving the comfort of home and mum’s cooking for weeks on end seemed like an impossible task, but the moment I got here, I knew it was the right choice. Everyone I met was so kind and approachable, and I was able to very quickly get into the routine of boarding life.

The first and closest friend I ever made in boarding started at the same time and was in the same unit as me. I remember spending hours everyday after school playing ping pong in the common room and chatting about ourselves, getting to quickly know each other and bond. Eventually we moved onto other games such as pool and Wii Sports, but I must say my ping pong skills improved considerably in those first few terms.


One great thing about boarding is that there is always stuff going on. Every weekend we would take the Boarding Commuter into town to mess around and buy many things that in hindsight we did not need. During summer, there would be bus trips down to the beach. This is where I learned that waking up at quarter past five in the morning just was not for me, and taking the later buses was a much better option. And we cannot forget the Friday night Macca’s runs. I send my deepest apologies to those poor McDonald’s workers seeing thirty kids pull up right before the weekend starts.

In  Boarding, there is always an event to look forward to. We often have quiz nights, pool competitions, Easter egg hunts, and formal dinners. I remember the first boarding quiz night I went to; we dressed up as Young Sheldon (it is customary for a whole unit to dress up as characters from a show), wearing clothes thrown together from an op-shop we went to a few hours prior (for reference, we were given a whole week to prepare). Regardless of how good our costumes were, and how we actually performed in the quiz, I still remember having so much fun being able to grow closer to the other students in my unit.

Being able to use all the Schools’ facilities on campus is another huge benefit of Boarding. We have access to a huge gym, perfectly maintained ovals, tennis and basketball courts, and the common rooms – which are filled with so many things to do with friends, and there are even cooking facilities for when you are craving some freshly baked brownies!

Boarding for me has been a wonderful experience. I have made memories that will last forever and friendships that will last even longer. Being in my last year, I am really sad to leave this school behind, however I am ever grateful for the lessons I have learnt that have allowed me to grow as a person, giving me confidence to take on any challenge that comes in the future.

David Nelson-Palmer

Head Border 2024


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