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Music Captain, Rosie Wildy, and her musical passion

Year 12 student Rosie Wildy is this year’s Music Captain and reflects on her journey with music.

My journey with began music when I was in lower primary school as I had a very enthusiastic music teacher. He made music super fun for everyone, which influenced me to start taking music lessons.

I have played many instruments throughout my school years. I started with piano in primary school, then tried the trombone in Year 6 band and again in Year 11. I also started playing the drums for a while which helps me in the Senior Concert band where I have been playing percussion for a couple of years now.

I really enjoy being a part of the School’s Music Program as we get to play such a fun range of songs from well-known pieces like The Lion King, to lesser-known unique pieces like The Great Locomotive Chase – which is a favourite of mine.

Music has been a major part of my life and for that reason, I really love it. For me, listening to music feels very therapeutic and acts like a stress-buster. I also love how it allows me to connect with special people in my life, especially if we share the same taste in music.

I am really looking forward to the annual Music Tour at the end of Term 2 this year. We will be playing with and amongst a much bigger band which will be a great experience!

Whilst I do not have any performances coming up for myself this year, I am looking forward to the performances with the school ensembles.


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