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Teacher Tuesday: Miss Esme Keogh

Miss Esme Keogh joined our School Community early this year as a HASS teacher. She started teaching as job to enjoy while travelling, but has found her home here at BCGS. Her vibrant enthusiasm infuses her classroom and helps the students connect with their lessons.

This is my fourth year teaching in Australia. I started my Master of Teaching whilst working as a Third Grade Teacher at a bilingual school in Ecuador. When COVID hit, I returned to Australia and very hurriedly realised that I needed to get back in a classroom.

I accepted a limited position at Perth Modern, and later moved to Australind Senior High School. However, I always kept an eye out for BCGS positions! I applied first as a grad and then last year was lucky enough to snag a coveted HASS teaching position.

I first started teaching as a means to travel the world, and then discovered (much to my surprise after refusing to follow in my mother’s teaching footsteps), that I loved it! I enjoy the connections students make, love it when they get wildly excited about history and economics, and feel a thrill when someone in the class ‘gets it.’

I once went through the dreaded ‘teacher burnout’ and almost left the industry – until I started tallying how often I laughed during a day. When the tally hit 20, I realised I could never leave teaching. I find it too much fun, too important, and too rewarding.

My favourite things about BCGS are the beautiful campus, the wildly compassionate support I have received from executives and other staff, and (of course) the students! Often my students greet me with the biggest smile, I get a “Thank you Miss Keogh” after class, and I see such effort from my growing scholars.

The practice essays always make me skip, the care of work is impressive, and when students ask insightful questions, I spend the next hour buoyed! This is the Grammar way (and I am grateful to be a part of it)!


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