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Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School to host South West Speedsolving 2023 competition

On Saturday, 5 August, our School will be hosting the South West Speedsolving competition for the first time. Organised by Speedcubing Australia and Year 8 student, Declan, the event will see 50 competitors compete over five events.

Declan, who started cubing just two years ago, first got into it from YouTube where he found out there were competitions for it. Since his first competition at the start of 2022, he has competed in 16 competitions completing 374 solves.

“I like cubing as I am quite competitive and I like a good challenge,” said Declan.

“I highly recommend cubing as it is good for your thinking and processing while still being fun,” he added.

Spectators are welcomed and may enter the event free of charge. The first event will begin at 10.00am at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s Primary Multi-Purpose Hall.

More information about the event can be found here:


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