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Coding through challenges

Our Robotics Club had a wonderful time at the RoboCup Junior competition in Perth over the weekend.

The Secondary team, BCGS Nuggets, faced some early challenges in the beginning but made a strong comeback, qualifying into the Sunday Finals. The Primary Robotics club entered three teams; Nugget Hackers, The Squad and 789 Equals Yummy. Early on Saturday’s competition The Squad was challenged by coding and build difficulties however, they overcame it, only narrowly missing a place in the finals. After a slow start for 789 Equals Yummy, they finished strong and cemented a place in the finals. The Nugget Hackers were strong throughout the first day of competition earning their finalist position.

After three rounds of intense competition on Sunday, the BCGS Nuggets finished fourth overall in the open competition while 789 Equal Yummy and the Nugget Hackers missed out on making the playoffs.

For Year 9 student, Chris, who was in the BCGS Nuggets, this was his fourth time competing. “I enjoy the challenges we face while getting our robot to work, and how satisfying it is when we manage to code the robot to get past a new obstacle or challenge. I enjoy robotics because I love coding and designing solutions for the robots we build. Through Robotics, I have also learnt resilience, perseverance, creativity, and ingenuity – all traits necessary for succeeding in it,” said Chris

The Robotics Club students all had a fabulous time and are eagerly awaiting next year’s RoboCup competition.


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